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The module handles Customs Broking operations and facilitates complete regulatory compliance.

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Classification
  • Tariff Listing
  • Auto Calculation of Duties and Taxes
  • Daily Status Reports (DSR)
  • Job Status
  • Tracking features
  • Online filing to local Customs (India)
  • Can be integrated with country-specific Customs software
  • Standard plug-ins to import Invoice data
  • SEZ BOE & DTA-Sales Support
  • Job Approval System
  • Job Costsheet
  • Job Tracking Alerts & Notifications
  • BE/SB Tracking
Custom Broker is freight brokerage software that handles customs shipment registration and submits compliant customs entry documentation.

The module provides complete control over your Customs Broking Operations. It is tightly integrated with the other modules like forwarding enabling smooth flow of data so that repetitive data entry can be avoided. The module can also facilitate import of invoice in specific electronic format to help you operate your business hassle free.

Classification of shipments and auto calculation of all Duties & Taxes and can be managed to ensure error free compliance. It has powerful reporting features and Online Tracking features. The Customs Broking Module integrates with the online systems of local Customs seamlessly.

Job expenses and all other operational revenue aspects with billing are automated ensuring there is no revenue loss. Logi-Sys can be integrated with country specific customs software for the local customs documentary requirements Currently the system is available for Indian Customs.
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